Privacy notice

NP Screen™, Inc. Canada acts as a marketing agent for Primex Laboratory. All personal and medical information are kept in strict confidential manners at Primex ONLY.

NP Screen™ results are communicated directly between Primex and your individual physician. For further enquiry concerning privacy policies, please consult Primex or your physician directly.

NP Screen™, Inc. is the sole marketing agent for Primex Clinical Laboratory. NP Screen™, Inc. engages in the educational and marketing of its proprietary genetic test for the screening of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC). An LTD version of NP Screen™ assay has been commercially launched in the U.S.A and Canada on a limited basis.

Components and reagents for the NP Screen™ medical device are contract manufactured in several locations in the USA by FDA registered facilities. Some manufacturers have FDA compliant, low cost production sites in China and Mexico.

NP Screen™ convenience kit assembler is FDA registered and is located in southern California and has inventory management, global distribution and auto replenishment capability.

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