NP Screen™ is a non-invasive, ambulatory based, semi-quantitative EBV DNA test for detection of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. It is FDA approved:

Collection Device – NP Screen™ uses a specially designed brush to collect small amount of samples from the nasopharynx (a few thousand cells only, far below detectable using human eyes). The brush has a special foam material that can collect samples even from a deep layer of nasopharynx tissue without causing discomfort to the patient – very useful feature for small or submucosal tumor and therefore allows early detection and minimize missed cancer by endoscopy. The process is done through the mouth (very similar to a throat swab commonly done by family physician) and it is performed in an out-patient clinic without pain.

Preservation Solution – NP Screen™ developed a special proprietary DNA preservation solution so that sample can be preserved in room temperature for a long time, for the convenience of the physicians as well as for ease of transportation of cellular samples, without losing DNA that may affect the results. This method of preservation is far superior than other methods such as the blood test that may have higher false negative results.

QPCR – NP Screen™ is a highly accurate semi-quantitative test using the latest Q-PCR protocol that accurately detect minute quantity of EBV DNA from the NP samples, and provide a very high Positive and Negative Predictive Values (PPV and NPV) for detection of NPC.

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