Treatment Options

I have NPC. What are my treatment options?

Radiotherapy Radiotherapy – Radiation is the primary treatment of choice and is very effective in controlling and curing the disease. In some situations, surgery can be an option for those patients with small local tumor recurrence after radiation. A combination of chemotherapy and radiation is often used to treat advanced diseases.
Chemotherapy Chemotherapy – Several factors are taken into account in deciding the chemotherapy regimen. Usually patients with large tumor and metastases are treated wth combination therapy such as chemotherapy and radiation.
Surgery Surgery – Due to the anatomical position of NPC and its tendency to present with cervical lymph node metastases, surgery is usually not the primary treatment of choice. Only a very small selected cases with very localized cancer in the NP may be a candidate for surgery; often after first treated with radiation or combination of chemotherapy.

To find out more information, you should consult with your ENT surgeon and Radiation Oncologist.

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