Blurry Vision and NPC

Blurry vision is a symptom of nasopharyngeal cancer that can sometimes surprise people.

We know that the ears, nose and throat are linked, but we don’t always consider the close proximity of the optic nerves to the nasopharynx – this lack of distance means that problems in the nasopharynx can affect our vision.

A tumour growing in the nasopharynx can easily grow and push upwards into the skull base. Once it does this, it becomes very close to the brain as well as the optic nerves. If the tumour pushes against the optic nerves, it can cause changes in the person’s vision; it can commonly result in blurry vision, or also double vision. If left untreated, this can steadily worsen.

As is the case with all symptoms, it’s difficult to know the cause of something without getting it checked out by a doctor. Many things can cause blurry or double vision; however, if other causes are ruled out and vision problems persist, it could be a symptom of nasopharyngeal cancer.


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