One Heart – Building a Circle of Strength

Cancer can often be a lonely experience, an isolating one. But it is something that becomes easier to face when you have support around you. The NPC One Heart Support Group, based in Singapore, is a community that firmly believes this. Run out of the National University Cancer Institute, which is part of the National University of Singapore, One Heart brings together and connects people whose lives have been touched by NPC.
Of course there are a number of different ways to provide support, and One Heart takes multiple approaches that focus on both healthcare information and emotional strength. The organization provides information on treatments and health, holding monthly educational and health talks that are open to everyone. There are also more informal health sessions that encourage people to interact and share with one another.
But One Heart also emphasizes emotional support. They run a “Befriender Program” that connects NPC survivors with patients who have recently been diagnosed with NPC. In a sense this program is a form of mentorship that focuses on friendship and support, highlighting the importance of shared experiences and having someone beside you who knows what you’re going through.
One Heart organizes various group activities too, one of which is an annual “Celebration of Life Party.” It is exactly what it sounds like – an opportunity for cancer patients and survivors, along with their families and caregivers, to celebrate the joys of living.
The community and companionship that the NPC One Heart Support Group has developed is most importantly about friendship and companionship. Their ultimate goal is to make sure that no person or family that is dealing with NPC has to face it alone – they connect a community of people, a circle of strength, to provide support to one another every step of the way.

The NPC One Heart Support Group is a wonderful example of how people can come together. Think about your own circle of strength – family, friends, doctors, nurses, other patients – and let those individuals know how important they are. Share their names and your story on this page too, so we can start building our own community of strength and support for those whose lives have been touched by NPC.

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