Guardian Life Story 2 (Episode 10) Facial nasopharyngeal carcinoma surgery

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Nasopharyngeal carcinoma, also known as “Guangdong tumor.” This is because many patients are in China Guangdong area, and in fact, the Western medical literature but rarely mentioned disease. NPC patients usually receive chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but these methods are very painful to the patient, and they lose the ability to work.

When a tumor is found, the surgeon always want to perform surgery to remove the tumor, but if the tumor is too bulky, doctors can not seem to find a way to perform surgery, so Sanatorium Hospital of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Center, Professor William Wei came up with an idea: expose face.

Theoretically, with open face surgery doctors can see clearly of the situation within the nasopharynx, and surgery is performed to cut off the tumor, but what about after surgery can everything recovery back to original? Being the pioneer of this open face surgery, Professor William Wei gathered department heads and Dean’s signatures to strike an opportunity to verify the feasibility of surgery ……

With the accumulation of scientific and technological progress and surgical experience, Professor William Wei developed a modified version of the nasopharyngeal expose face surgery, and performed the surgery on Mr. Wu a patient with family history of nasopharyngeal cancer. Are there any difference between the first expose nasopharyngeal surgery then the modified version? Mr. Wu underwent surgery for three years, and how his situation?

TVB – Guardian Life Story 2
Air Date: 2014-10-31

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