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  • NP Screen™ Hong Kong Press Conference

    University of Hong Kong、University of Toronto and Queen Elizabeth Hospital,together developed a patient-friendly trans-oral swab to collect cells from the area of the nasopharynx; The procedure is painless and takes no more than 1 minute to perform. During clinical study, none of the patients tested developed any adverse events such as bleeding or infection.

    Location: Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong

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  • “安备刷检”(NP Screen™ ) 新法验鼻咽癌准确度达99%


    Posted by:星星生活

  • 活柏醫「安備刷檢」驗鼻咽癌準確度99℅

    Publish by: North America Weekly Times NAWT NEWS 北美时报第590期 2015年04月10日

  • NPC commonly known as high-risk cancer in Guangdong in southern China


    Publish by: Singtao newspaper

  • User’s own expense for NP Screen™ detection in Ontario

    这种名为「安备测试」(NP Screen)的方法,由受训医护人员抽取病人口腔样本。先用木条压低舌头,然后把曲尺形刷子放入口内,刷头向上,通往鼻咽部位左右轻抹数秒,刷头上的微孔可收集足够的鼻咽细胞样本,每次5,000个便能进行基因测试。在安省,这种检测方法尚未纳入医疗保健范围内,须自行付费。团队还研发出一种溶液,可令鼻咽细胞的基因样本,在毋须冷藏情况下保存30天。期间采用聚合脢链锁反应(Q-PCR)技术分析,侦测有否潜藏EBV基因,准确度达99%,但不能直接诊断肿瘤性质和位置,需要使用其他诊断确定。

    Publish by: Singtao newspaper

  • Canada-Hong Kong joint research and development for 10 years measuring 600 Chinese on new nasopharyngeal test with accuracy of 99%


    Publish by: Singtao newspaper


  • Guardian Life Story 2 (Episode 10) Facial nasopharyngeal carcinoma surgery

    Nasopharyngeal carcinoma, also known as “Guangdong tumor.” This is because many patients are in China Guangdong area, and in fact, the Western medical literature but rarely mentioned disease. NPC patients usually receive chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but these methods are very painful to the patient, and they lose the ability to work.

    Broadcast by: TVB – Hong Kong

  • Medical Series, Episode 08 Brush biopsy, genetic based screening for the detection of Nasopharyngeal Cancer

    A new detection technology, brush biopsy genetic based screening for the detection of Nasopharyngeal Cancer.

    Broadcast by: aTV – Hong Kong

  • TVB News Medical Series – Nasopharyngeal Cancer

    Nasopharyngeal Cancer is the most common head and neck cancer.It has an early age of onset compared to other cancer, usually between age of 40 to 50 years old. Men are two times more likely than women to develop Nasopharyngeal Cancer. What is the cause of this cancer? Is there any way to prevent it?

    Broadcast by: TVB News – Hong Kong

  • Brush biopsy effective detection of early nasopharyngeal carcinoma

    University of Hong Kong , University of Toronto and Queen Elizabeth Hospital , jointly developed new approach to detect early nasopharyngeal carcinoma; this new method is simple and noninvasive to perform oral nasopharyngeal screening.

    Broadcast By: ontv – Hong Kong

  • Medical Series, Episode 08

    For many years in the past,Nasopharyngeal cancer has been one of the top ten cancer in Hong Kong,it is also a common cancer for the age of 50’s. With the rapid development of medical technology,Patients continued to receive the Gospel。With electrotherapy aspects, patients receiving radiotherapy significantly reduced in pain, combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy has also increased the cure rate。

    Broadcast By: aTV – Hong Kong

  • NP Screen™ Noninvasive Detection of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

    University of Hong Kong , Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in conjunction with the University of Toronto , after ten years of research, development non- invasive detection of NPC , the researchers will be fully promoted in Canada and the US and other places.

    Broadcast By: Omni News – Canada


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