How it works

1brush Brush

A Physician or a nurse practitioner performs the procedure in less than 1 minute. The process involves a simple throat swab that brushes the back of the throat in the nasopharynx for cell collection and subsequent DNA analysis. There is no need for anesthetic, surgery room time and painful recovery time from the conventional biopsy.

The innovative trans-oral brush process for direct sampling means patients have minimal discomfort. It also eliminates uncertainties and the large tumor load presence necessary to diagnose with conventional blood tests.

1brush Ship


Once the preserved sample is secured in the provided vial, our proprietary preservation agent preserves the sample at room temperature for up to 30 days with no DNA degeneration. Unlike blood plasma, it will not degenerate and affect the test result over a matter of hours. Our samples are shipped all over the world using Fedex Clinical Pak where service is provided.

1brush Results


Once our designated laboratories receive the sample, it will be cataloged, sorted and prepared for Q-PCR (Quantitative PCR) processing under our proprietary lab assay protocol, using the real time advance Q-PCR (Quantitative polymerase chain reaction) process, to detect and count abnormal cells in the patient’s sample. Genetic analysis avoids human errors from conventional testing methods and accurately detect if there is sufficient sample and quantitation for normal or abnormal results.

Results are made available within 7 calendar days after arrival of the sample.

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