Benefits of NP Screen™

NP Screen™ is a highly sensitive, specific and accurate innovative genetic based test for detection of Nasopharyngeal Cancer.

NP Screen™

  • Highly sensitive and specific; with high positive and negative predictive values for detection of NPC
  • Using a special design brush, the sample can be obtained painlessly, quickly and efficiently in an out-patient clinic setting
  • A highly specific laboratory testing protocol is used to detect minute amount of EBV DNA in the sample and accurately predict the likelihood of NPC
  • Results can be available in less than 5 to 7 days from time of sample collection
  • Helps minimize human errors – true positive results in patient with NPC even when the endoscopy can not see the tumor – due to small early cancer; human errors or submucosal tumor
  • Helps to minimize unnecessary biopsy – true negative results when the sample has no NPC cells even when the endoscopy is uncertain
  • In combination with endoscopy; significant increase the chance of detecting early stage NPC
  • Shown to be useful when there is change in anatomy after treatment when other conventional methods such as MRI or CT can not accurately detect local recurrences
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