Benefits of NP Screen™

NP Screen™ detects the earliest form of NPC using the integrated EBV genetic marker. It screens what cannot be detected visually through endoscopy or MRI, including sub-mucosal indicators.

Using NP Screen™ in conjunction with conventional fiberoptic examination, diagnostic imaging can significantly increase the chance for early detection versus the current 10% early detection rate.

Human error from visual examination

It is generally accepted that human examination is 80-85% effective. There are three main reasons for this: first, for the tumor to be visible, millions of tumor cells will already be present; second, if the tumor is sub-mucosal, it is difficult to visually identify; and third, for recovered NPC patients, the scarring in the nasopharynx area would interfere will endoscopy visual examination rendering it ineffective.

• Highly accurate, sensitive and specific for detection of NPC
• Detect NPC in patients with sub-mucosal or inconspicuous lesions
• Helps identify local reoccurrences in post radiated patients
• Non-invasive, painless and highly tolerable
• Rapid out-patient and ambulatory procedure with negligible risk
• No equipment dependency
• Efficient result reporting

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