MP Speaks about NPC Diagnosis

Last week, Toronto area MP Arnold Chan announced that he would be taking leave from his duties as a member of parliament because he has been diagnosed with a nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

Mr. Chan, who is the Member of Parliament for Scarborough-Agincourt, said he’d recently been bothered by a lump in his neck and some lost sensation in his face. He decided to get them checked out by a doctor. They soon discovered small tumours in his head and neck.

“They knew what they were looking for,” Chan said.

NPC is the top head and neck cancer for those of Chinese and Southeast Asian ancestry.

Chan has said that he has a good chance of a full recovery. Nasopharyngeal cancer is treatable when diagnosed at an early stage, and he began treatment a couple of weeks ago.

Since there is now a screening option available, those at risk of NPC would benefit from getting screened early.


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