More NPC Symptoms Decoded

Headaches are a common symptom of nasopharyngeal cancer. Since the nasopharynx lies just at the base of the skull, a growth in that area can sometimes push upwards and put pressure on the skull, causing the headache. On some occasions, the cancer can spread inside the brain; however, because this will cause other neurological symptoms, NPC is much easier to detect at this stage.

In addition to headaches, another common symptom of NPC is nasal congestion. If a tumour growth blocks part of the nasal passage, the resulting sensation can be that of a blocked nose or congested sinuses. Persistent nosebleeds can also indicate that there is some kind of irritation in the nasopharynx, and are also a symptom of NPC.

Of course there are many things that cause headaches, nasal congestion and nose bleeds, but if such symptoms continue for a length of time with no clear cause, it’s good to have them checked by a doctor.

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