Early Screens for NPC

Though it’s always important to know the symptoms of a disease, nasopharyngeal cancer is one of those illnesses that often do not present clear symptoms until late stages. In fact, 75% of NPC patients don’t have any symptoms for a long time. As a result, without an early screening test, most NPC diagnoses happen in the late stage.

Because of this, treatment for NPC usually requires radiation and sometimes chemotherapy. Surgery is usually not a common option, as most NPC tumours are situated near the centre of the head and make such an operation quite difficult.

This is why early screening tests for nasopharyngeal cancer are so important. If NPC can be detected at an early stage or even before it begins to fully develop, a patient has a much better chance of beating the disease.


For more information on the NPScreen test for nasopharyngeal cancer, please visit: http://www.cancer-fund.org/en/cancer_news_437.html