Accurate Epstein Barr Virus Genetic Test for detecting Nasopharyngeal Cancer



NP Screen™

An innovation paradigm shift; significantly enhances the effectiveness of nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC) managment through Early Detection.

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Highly Accurate, Simple, Non-Invasive, Predictive of NPC

Clinically proven – 98.0% sensitive and 99.1% specific with 84.5% positive predictive and 99.9% negative predictive values for detection of NPC.

Recommended for use in Chinese adults, with signs and symptoms of NPC, in conjunction with other detection methods, such as endoscopy.

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How it’s done



early detect

Benefits of NP Screen™

  • Non-Invasive and painless
  • Simple and convenient
  • Early detection even when other test is negative
  • Accurate and significant enhances the accuracy of endoscopy
  • Epstein Barr Virus DNA Detection – a highly specific and sensitive cancer marker for NPC

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NP Screen™ Technology

  • Highly sensitive and specific, semi-quantitative test for detection Epstein Barr Virus DNA – a very specific biomarker for Nasopharynx Cancer
  • An innovative special brush, designed to collect a small amount of mucosal samples from the nasopharynx, through the mouth in a painless, non-invasive fashion
  • A special DNA preservation solution was developed to stabilize and preserve DNA in room temperature
  • A proprietary Real Time Q-PCR laboratory assay precisely detect a minute quantity of EBV DNA, correlating accurately with the presence of NPC

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NP Screen™ is a user-pay test. Currently, NP Screen™ is available in the U.S., and Canada for USD$300. In other regions of the world, price may vary.

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Find a Location

NP Screen™ does not require a physician referral, If you are interested in using the test for detection of nasopharyngeal cancer, simply contact us to obtain further information of our clinic locations and book an appointment for NP Screen™.

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